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hi, i'm andrew.

I’m a people-focused, coffee-loving, front end web developer with a genuine appetite for solving problems. With previous career experience in planning and implementation, I approach development with a structured mindset. Every line of code I write is a piece of a puzzle, assembled to help make others lives easier—or at the very least, more interesting.

photo of my qr code generator app

the caesar cipher

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Encrypt or decrypt a message using the ancient Caesar Cipher.

photo of my qr code generator app

qr codefolio

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An app that calls upon the happi.dev API to allow users to create custom QR codes.

Co-created with Tiffany Wong.

photo of my javascript flashcard app


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logo_lockup_firebase_vertical Created with Sketch.

An app that generates random, or user created JavaScript flashcards to be used for studying JS concepts.

photo of my movie spoiler app

gif me a movie

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An app that calls upon the MovieDB API and the GIPHY API to generate three gifs from the users chosen movie and keywords associated with that film.

Co-created with Yiying Zou, Andrea Lacson, and Vipin Kirthane.